For the Do-it-Yourself House Painter

It is definitely wise when you’re tackling a large job like painting the surface of your house to consider what’s to be done. Many look at the paint job itself without considering what’s to be achieved first.

A horrible large amount of prep work must certanly be done when you even consider painting the house, first you have to check out what the condition the old paint is and determine how much must be scraped off as well as burned off. I have observed the blowtorch method work but always in the hands of a pro who knows, it is one thing to look at a residence and another to tackle employment without knowing that which you are becoming into.

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If you are likely to tackle the big job, be sure that you clean the whole house first. Some will use a power washer and obtain the areas that it will reach, but others just get yourself a good nozzle for the garden hose and blast away. It is always good to keep in mind that you need to use some type of soap; even mild dish soap can do, provided that it cuts through the dirt and the grime that’s built up within the years.

Water only leaves a picture, and whenever you visit paint the home, the paint acts such as for instance a solution, and it dissolves the dirt and grime into the paint, such that it will undoubtedly be spread as you paint. This is a nightmare you may not need. Once you do wash the home, allow it dry for a day roughly before you do the following step.

The next thing is to check at home and begin to see the areas where the old paint has been blasted away and there are rough patches left. Then you need to do a lot of looking, top to bottom to see what areas have to be scraped. Obtaining a good scraper for wood is easy enough to do, and any hardware or home store rep will know what is needed if you do not know.

When you have scraped, then you will need a medium course sandpaper to erase the edges where in actuality the paint has come off. It’s really worth the see this time and energy to use good pre-mixed filler where you’ve sanded in order that you can forget paint comes off while painting. Once you have done, all this you are ready to paint.

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The actual painting could be the easy part, and here you will need a good exterior paint that may last because you do not want to be re-doing employment similar to this all of the time. I stress proper prep work before you do anything. Improper work will not only set you back much more money, but it’ll set you back big in the unwanted stress department too.

So remember, look before you leap, and consult a pro, that way your job will be smooth with no surprises.


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